This Software Helps You Generate Leads & Sales Everyday On FB

Let's Take Back Control Of The Dreaded Algorithms

It is essential for EVERY business that is using FB to have good engagement. 

Good engagement means social proof which entices more people to buy your products online, but what happens when your page is full and you have 5000 unengaging people on your FB profile? 

The FB algorithms are set in a way that show your posts and status updates to people that don’t even care that you posted! 

That’s why we created this software. We take back the control of the dreaded FB algorithms and we get your post shown to only the people who want to see your post. 

It’s bye bye to them and hello to super engaging product hungry buyers. 

Here's What You'll Get In Our Software

Scan and Analyze Your Past Posts To See Exactly Who Is ENGAGING and Who Is NOT
Remove NON Engaging Friends and Contacts
Geographic Data Measurement, So You Can Concentrate On Tier 1 Engaging Friends and Contacts
Your Personal Detailed Profile Scanner and Analyzer
Spy On All Competitors Groups and Gain Insight Into Your Competitions Groups and Pages
Mass Change Your Privacy Settings On All Past Posts
Mass Delete ALL Unwanted Messages, So You Can Filter Through The Buyers
Mass Download All Your Messages and Important Chats
Profile Picture Protector, Shield Your Profile From People Eager To Steal You Pics and Create A Fake Accounts Using Your Details
Instantly Check Who Is Active, Who Is Idle and Who Is Currently Online and In Another messenger Chat. We Show You Users Who Look Active But Have Actually Just Left Their Facebook Logged In, Meaning You Only Message 100% Active Users Ready To Reply Back
Scan and Check For Deactivated Users and Rid The Ghost Profiles That Are Holding Your Engagement Algorithms Back
Private Messenger Settings, Never Show Anyone You Are Typing A Message, Go Stealth and Appear Offline At All Times To Keep Link Droppers Out Your Inbox. Incoming Messages Can Be Set To Unseen At All Times.
And Much More!
To make it easy, I've put together step-by-step instruction manual to show you how to set it all up.



No stones are left unturned when you get your hands on this now.

You will become a boss on FB and start getting the engagement and leads that you deserve.

Who Needs This Software?

If you answer YES to any of the below, then it’s you who needs this.


You want to know who is ACTIVELY ENGAGING with YOU and YOUR content.

You want to be able to delete all NON ENGAGING Friends at once.

You want to spy on your competition and learn or Replicate what they are doing.

You want a detailed analysis of your profile so you’ll know exactly what your fans and contacts love the most.

You Want To Get To The Top Of Social Media Marketing Without A Huge Budget 

Today, you can get INSTANT ACCESS to OUR software for just…



P.S. This price WILL NOT last long, and the price WILL increase in two weeks! So, make sure you get in early. This software is worth so much more than what you’ll pay right now. I guarantee you will benefit! So, what are you waiting for?

This product is for computers ONLY. This is not something you can download on your phone.